Solve Workplace Problems
With Intelligent Ticketing

Report a problem faster than it took you to read this

Take the ‘ick’ Out of Tickets

No logging in or searching through dropdowns and forms to report a problem.
Just Tap or Scan.

Intelligent ticketing software - report a problem in less than 5 seconds

Reporting a
Problem Has Never
Been Easier!

Try it Now

Try it Now

Hear About Workplace Problems That Really Matter

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The Competition

Problems are Reported Quickly and Easily

So more problems get reported

No App or Login Required

To report a problem

Visualise Problems on Heatmap

Get Birdseye view of what’s going on

Make Any Dumb Asset Smart

And start getting insights from it

Give Simple & Easy Feedback

To the person who reported the problem

Mobile First Design

For busy building managers who are always on their feet


So….. problems actually get reported!!

Manage Problems on the Go

Save Time, Increase Your Teams' Productivity and Reduce Interruptions

We often underestimate the impact of small inconveniences on our daily productivity.

People are your most valuable asset. Invest in their success!

Reduce Wasted Time

Increase Staff Retention

Save 5800 Hours Per Year Per 100 Employees

Save 5800 Hours Per Year Per 100 Employees

Increase Productivity

Get People Back to the Office

Insights at a Glance

Solve has all the analytics in one simple-to-use dashboard. Our AI-powered software offers easy-to-read insights, reports, graphs and maps showing what needs attention and highlighting problem areas.

Analyse reports

Get real insights and helpful tips on how to improve your premises and create the perfect workplace.

Get a Birdseye View

Track problems and identify hotspots and trends over time.

Track issues and identify hotspots and trends over time, with maps providing a visual overview.

Asset management

Easily add, remove or change users, locations, rooms and assets.

API Integration

Solve can be integrated with your existing software

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