Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Using an app clip instead of an actual app, the person just needs to tap the NFC enabled tag or scan the QR code with their mobile phone in the location of their problem and report.

The asset management piece of our software allows for this. Tags are placed around the property and set up to a location, asset and associated problems.

You can manage all the tags, assets, locations and users through the admin dashboard. 

Here’s the recommended flow for your onboarding: 

  1. Invite Users: If you won’t be solely responsible for onboarding the building, it’s a good idea to invite users first and grant them admin rights. This way, they can assist with the building’s onboarding process. 
  2. Create a building 
  3. Add Floors: Start with at least one floor. 
  4. Add a Floor Plan 
  5. Add Locations: These will be placed on the floor plan. 
  6. Create User Groups: This will help you assign issues in the asset templates. 
  7. Create templates if our templates don’t suit your needs. 
  8. Mount the Asset Tags and Scan to Load into the System. 
  9. Add Asset Images (Optional, can be done later).

As many as you like, you have unlimited users.

This is all managed through your dashboard under user groups. You can add as many user groups as you want. For example, you could create a user group for cleaning, building maintenance or IT. Then, you can add as many users to those groups as you like and choose who gets notified when a problem is reported.

After logging in, you can initiate the process of inviting users to the platform. During the invitation, you will also have the option to assign a user role, distinguishing between admin and non-admin roles. 

After entering the user’s email address and sending the invitation, the recipient will receive an email containing a temporary password. This password will need to be updated by the user during their initial login. 

In the users section, you will have access to a comprehensive list of all platform users, including their respective invitation statuses. As an admin, you will have the authority to either resend invitations or remove users through the edit button. 

Additional permissions for Admins are: 

  • User group creation
  • Edit/remove user groups 
  • Delete tickets 
  • Delete assets 

Users who are added to a specific group will receive notifications about problems associated with that particular group. 

You can add buildings through the admin dashboard. The number of buildings you can add depends on the plan you purchased.